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We offer several monthly subscriptions to offset all or part of your CO2 emissions.
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9.90 € /per month


In one year you will plant trees to offset 3 tons of CO2.
The first month is free!

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19.90 € /per month


In one year you will plant trees to offset 7 tons of CO2.
The first month is free!

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29.90 € /per month


In one year you will plant trees to offset 12 tons of CO2.
The first month is free!

Treedom's subscriptions

  • By activating one of the Treedom subscriptions, every month we will plant new trees for you to help you offset your CO2.

  • You will receive trees on your Treedom online profile, where you can personalize them, follow them, and read updates about how they're doing and how much CO2 they've captured.

  • The number of trees you will receive on a monthly basis depends on the subscription you choose (you can change or suspend your subscription at any time).

  • All your trees will grow and offset CO2. Meanwhile you can enjoy learning about the new trees that have been assigned to you each month.

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All our habits contribute to more CO2 being released in the air, but can you imagine how much?

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Some examples of annual CO2 emissions per inhabitant,
expressed in tonnes of CO2.

Source Google Public Data

And how much CO2 do you produce?


Founded in 2010 in Florence, Treedom is the only site that allows you to plant trees in various parts of the world and follow them online.

Treedom directly finances small agroforestry projects, allowing thousands of farmers to sustain the initial costs of planting new trees.

The objective is to guarantee, over time, food supplies and income opportunities.
The species planted are native or respectful of the biodiversity of the different territories. All trees over the course of their life will absorb CO2, which will naturally benefit the entire planet.

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